Alexa-controlled Beer Tank

Putting robotics and NLP to good use. Article here




This Robot Can Solve a Rubik’s Cube in 0.38 Seconds

New robotic rubiks cube record…Congrats to the team.

Two engineers have built a robot that can solve a Rubik’s Cube in 0.38 seconds or about in the blink of an eye.

Ben Katz and Jared Di Carlo at MIT’s Biomimetic Robotics Lab developed the robot and posted video of the feat on Wednesday. With the help of six motor-powered rods, the bot can almost instantly rearrange and solve the cube.



MIT Origami Robot

Digestible and bio-decomposible robot from MIT.

Published on May 12, 2016

Researchers at MIT, the University of Sheffield, and the Tokyo Institute of Technology have demonstrated a tiny origami robot that can unfold itself from a swallowed capsule and, steered by external magnetic fields, crawl across the stomach wall to remove a swallowed button battery or patch a wound. (Learn more about the robot:

Building cubes that can jump up and balance

The Cubli is a 15 × 15 × 15 cm cube that can jump up and balance on its corner. Reaction wheels mounted on three faces of the cube rotate at high angular velocities and then brake suddenly, causing the Cubli to jump up. Once the Cubli has almost reached the corner stand up position, controlled motor torques are applied to make it balance on its corner. In addition to balancing, the motor torques can also be used to achieve a controlled fall such that the Cubli can be commanded to fall in any arbitrary direction. Combining these three abilities — jumping up, balancing, and controlled falling — the Cubli is able to ‘walk’.